• IV Paderewski International Piano Competition is  open to pianists of any nationality.

• Competition will take place at St James Episcopal Church in Farmington, CT from May 3-5, 2019. 

• The competition will be held in three age categories: Category "Junior"  - up 12 years old, Category "Young Artist"  - up 17  years old,   Category "Professional"  - no age  limit

• Participants will be judged according to the following  systems:


 Category "Junior"    

                    Grand Prix     98/100 (minimum)  medal and diploma 

 (Only one pianist , receiving the highest score can be awarded Grand Prix)

                     I     prize 95/100          diploma

                     II    prize 90/100          diploma

                     III   prize 85/100          diploma

    Honorable mention  80/100    diploma


Category "Young Artist"  will be judged on the points system. 


Category  "Professional" will be judged on the point system:

                    I    prize - minimum 95 points, 

                    II   prize - minimum 92 points, 

                    III   prize- 90 points, 

                     Honorable mention 85 points. 

Jury doesn't have to award all prizes if the level of performance is insufficient. 

• Voting procedure can be altered by majority of votes

• Any participant can take part in various categories under following conditions :

                   1.Will pay all application fees respectively. 

                   2. Will present  different repertoire for each category.

• Application fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

• All competition performances are open for public.

• The order at which participants appear will be determined by drawing lots. 

• All performances must be by heart.

• There is not allowed to perform self-composed pieces and composition requiring  preparation of  the piano.

• All pieces must be officially published.

• The order of works may be determined by performer

• The jury reserves the right to not award all prizes. The decision of the jury is final and is not subject to  challenge  or any review. The committee reserves the right to make changes to the jury panel.

• Students of judges are allowed to participate in the competition, but may not  be judged by the jury member who is a teacher of the contestant.

• All winners including honorable  mentions  and special prizes (if asked by organizing committee) must perform at the winners recital scheduled on  Sunday,  May 5, 2019.

• Therefore they are obliged to perform without any renumeration. 

• If refused to perform, the competitor looses right using the title of laureate of Paderewski International Piano Competition in Farmington, CT  

• The contestants receiving prizes, honorable mentions, special prizes, but not chosen to participate in the Winners Concert, are obliged to collect their prizes during Award Ceremony (held together with the winners concert). 

• Contestants who decide to not appear, will forfeit the right  to use the tiltle of the laureate of Paderewski International Piano Competition in Farmington, CT. 

• The organizing committee will not accept any absence (health problem, communication delays, etc) under any conditions.

•  All participants of Paderewski International Piano Competition receive the free admission to the winners concert.

• Prizes may be subject to tax, according to U.S. tax laws in effect at the time of the competition.te in the Winners Concert, are obliged to collect their prizes during Award Ceremony (held together with the winners concert). 

• Foreign competitors are responsible for obtaining their own passports and visas. Competitors should contact the nearest American Embassy or consulate for advice.

• Competitors must pay their own accommodation and travel expenses.

• In the course of their careers, prize-winners may not undertake to claim to have won any prizes other than those they have actually been awarded.

•The competition has the right, without being obliged to pay any form of renumeration to either competitors or their managers, to: Commission radio, television, video and film recordings and/or images of all the performances. Produce and sell CDs, DVDs or video of all the performances, either in part or in their entirety, or to commission third parties with the production and sale thereof.

• Any contact with members of international jury is strictly forbidden during the entire competition.

• Special requests for jury comments in a written form have to be communicated in the time of application process. Transcripts with translated into English comments, can be ordered in the price of 40 USD. Comments will appear without names of particular judges.

All required documents will have to be recieved by April 15, 2019.

• Changes in repertoire cannot be made  after  April 20, 2019.




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